Producing interactive experiences that spark an audience to participate with your brand is what I do. Whether a festival, show, performance or film screening, your event is produced with intention: to connect with your ideal customer directly through a thought out process that finds what it is they need most.


As a live event producer my first priority is to go over your project objectives, your brands goals and the anticipated outcome. The next important area is your budget. Don’t worry, this is where we can get creative in working with what you got and your expectations. Together, these elements provide the foundation for a successful execution, all while doing it with a smile.

Artistic Events

Together we’ll produce immersive experiences that allow you to discover an array of dive

Live Events

Creating interactive experiences that spark an audience to participate with your brand is


I provide one-on-one consultation advising artists at all stages in their careers. You don


Whether team building to building trust among your work colleagues, or learning life skill

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Navigating life through creating experiences. Here’s some tips, tricks and
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Bite Size Chunks Lead to Meal Size Balance

Written by Jasmine R. Castillo    There are many variables that impact each of us differently and will either expedite or slow down our movements. But there are a few tricks we can do to set ourselves up and gauge our time to keep us on track in moving forward:   Bite...

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Culture Seekers looking to connect to the motherland

Written by Jasmine R. Castillo  I can remember the chill of the air conditioning. on my neck, being nervous but excited at the same time. A flight attendant brings me a blue colored felt blanket to ease my goosebumps. My ears began to pop again and again. I start to...

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New Year, New Narrative

Written by Jasmine R. Castillo  After putting decorations away, the nights start getting a tad bit chillier, time seems to start slowing down and hibernation season is officially beginning with some cozying up to Netflix and chillin’. We’ve already been thinking about...

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